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Locum Doctor

Job description

At the heart of Homage is making sure seniors have the option of remaining in the comfort of their own homes as they age. It’s something we want for ourselves, our parents, and our friends and we want to build the best type of service out there that can take care of that.


As a Homage Care Professional Doctor (Doctor CarePro), you will make a real impact to the lives of the families and seniors we work with, by putting your experience and skills to use to help our care recipients live well and recover. You will also make profound connections along the way with our care recipients and their loved ones and embark on an incredible professional journey.


We are a fast-growing startup and we want to continue to ensure that the care services we provide to our seniors and their families are of highest standards, quality and safety, thus giving the families a peace of mind.



Homage is a complete home care solution that combines the curation and training of care professionals with smart technology to provide on-demand home caregiving to seniors, allowing them to age at home with comfort, dignity, control and grace. Using a web and mobile technology platform, Homage efficiently matches care recipients with qualified care professionals and schedules caregiving on an on-demand basis to provide recipients with home nursing care and assistance with daily activities. Homage works with both private clients and public organizations alike to provide high quality caregiving to seniors.



We are looking for like-minded individuals with compassion, dedication and commitment to join our first batch of Doctor Care Professionals (Doctor CarePro). As a Doctor CarePro, you will employ your knowledge, skills and experience to provide home medical care to seniors. With our flexible hours scheme, you will have autonomy over your working hours and this will help in enhancing the quality of care you provide to your seniors.



As a Homage Doctor Care Professional, you are always ready to provide the following services to seniors with warmth, tact and professionalism:

  • Basic Medical Consultation
    • Available at urgent notice (within the hour) OR scheduled in advance but flexibly apply for jobs through Homage CarePro app based on availability
    • Medication to be prescribed and dispensed on the spot during consultation
  • Death Certification
    • Available at urgent notice (within the hour) but flexibly apply for jobs through Homage CarePro app based on availability
    • Issue certifiable cause of death (CCOD), a standard procedure that must be conducted by a doctor when a person has passed away; required for the filing of a police report
  • Surgical Procedures (if required)
    • Doctors can perform all nursing procedures during a consultation
    • Doctors can also perform additional procedures that trained nurses are unable to perform; including:
      • ECG monitoring & reading
      • Incision & Drainage (Simple or Extensive)
      • Urine Catherisation (Male)


Professional Care Conduct:

  • Mission-driven – Homage care professionals are motivated by the impact Homage makes in improving the lives and wellness of care recipients and their loved ones
  • Responsiveness – Be highly responsive to care and training requests, as well as feedback and communications from both care owners and internal Homage care operators
  • Commitment to Quality Care – Show your commitment to quality care in all aspects of your care giving, including being punctual for care visits, completing training and submitting high quality care summaries.
  • Communicative – Proactively communicate to ensure care owners and families have a peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are safe and in good hands.

Integrity– Earn and maintain trust with the families and seniors by communicating accurately and protecting their privacy and security. Respect– Treat our co-workers, seniors and families with respect and dignity.



To assess if a candidate would be a good fit as a Doctor Care Professional, we look for the following qualifications and attributes:

  • Possess a basic medical degree recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)
  • Registration as a Designated Workplace Doctor with Ministry of Manpower, is an advantage.
  • Able to work independently
  • A genuine service mindset, to provide care from the heart and enjoy helping people, especially seniors
  • Detail-oriented and attentive, with a pleasant and calm demeanour
  • Personal integrity, to pass our comprehensive background check and reference checks
  • Physically capable of assisting a senior to perform activities of daily living and improve his or her mobility
  • A team player who is dedicated and committed and desires to make a big and positive impact together with other Homage Care Professionals

Other requirements:

  • You are empathetic and sensitive, and naturally build rapport with families and seniors
  • You have a service-oriented, customer-first attitude, and do your utmost to understand the needs of the families who are seeking care
  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills and able to communicate well with care managers, families, seniors and submit high-quality care summaries
  • You have high personal standards and take pride in improving the senior’s wellbeing
  • You have integrity and respect for clients’ property and homes.
  • You are dedicated and committed to providing the best to seniors and their families